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· Domestic Series Products
DKJ Series Electrical Actuator
DKZ Series Electrical Actuator
DKJB Series Electrical Actuator
DKZB Series Electrical Actuator
Domestic Series Electrical Operator
Servo Amplifiers Series
Servo Manipulator Series
Spheroidal hinge
Electrical ball valve
Electrical Control Valve
Electrical butterfly valve
BAZ Series small electrical actuator
Circuit board and accessories
· Abroad Technology Series
SD series electrical actuator
YSD series electrical actuator
Introduced Technology Electrical Manipulator
Circuit board and accessories
· Imported with original manufactory
French Bernard series
Rotork Series
EMG Series
Sipos Series
Circuit board and accessories
Product Centre
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  • Tianjin Bernard Actuator CO.,Ltd.
  • Address:No.1,Haitai Huake 3 Road,Huayuan,Tianjin,China
  • Tel:+86-22-27630178
  • Skype:china.tjbnd;Whatsup:+8613512210719
  • Wechat:13512210719 FAX:+86-022-27630178